Perimeter WiFi Wireless Dog Fence Kit
WiFi Wire Free dog fencing is the single biggest improvement in pet fence technology since the industry was founded in 1976. The boundary created is circular in nature and is adjustable from a radius of 10′ 180′. That is an available containment area of up to 2.5 acres! Unlike lesser wireless systems, the WiFi fence does not require the transmitter to be placed on the same plane asthe ground. The system will continue to function even on the downslope of significant grades like those found in homes with walk-out or daylight basements. 

System Features:

  • Superior 802.15frequency technology
  • In-escapable boundary protection
  • See how far away your dog is in real time Rechargeable battery
  • Seethe collar battery level from the base
  • Waterproof collar transceiver
  • Portability allows for use anywhere
  • Power outage battery back-up

Pet Stop Ultra Tuff Installed Fence System
The Ultra Tuffin-ground fencing system provides the greatest flexibility in configuration of both installation as well as configuring the system specifically to your dogs needs. Everything from the progressive nature of the correction to the intensity levels and amount of warning tone can be customized specifically for your dog. This system offers the premium peace of mind with a lifetime guarantee on the collar and transmitter; everything but the wire is covered. And each Pet Stop brand system comes with a private, in home training session featuring the GentleSteps Training Program. You will receive a one hour in-home session to assist with the programming of the system and training for you and your dog. System Features:


  • Full Lifetime warranty
  • Tough, chew resistant receiver
  • Literally hundreds setting adjustments
  • Low battery alert
  • Personalizedset up for each dog
  • Light 1.7oz. receiver
  • Designed to allow owner to make adjustments
  • Omni-directional receiver
  • Ultra low GentleSteps training settings
  • Weather-tight receiver – safe for pools and ponds

Pet Stop Essentials Installed Fence System
The Essentials traditional wired containment system provides easy to use functionality with a more than acceptable level of protection. The system will automatically adjust correction intensity based upon where your dog is in the boundary area as well as how fast they are moving. This technology inhibits dogs from attempting to “run through” the fence. The Perimeter brand system is available as a do-it-yourself kit or professionally installed. 

System Features:


  • Two year warranty
  • Ultra-small 1.3oz receiver
  • Omni-directional reception
  • Low battery alert
  • Soft rubber comfort contacts