A nice looking lawn is an investment. Hard earned dollars are spent keeping landscaping looking good, so why should it only be able to be seen during the day? Landscape lighting is a perfect remedy to this. Beginning in the 1800’s when aesthetics became an important part of lawn care, lighting was used to allow public landscapes and gardens to be viewed even in the dark hours of the night. The technology has come a long way since the wood and oil lamps of old; even gas lighting is on its way out. Electric lighting enables a reliable and affordable way to illuminate any outdoor lawn or garden. Conventionally generated electricity remains the most popular source for outdoor lighting in the 21st century, however, energy concerns have prompted the development of many energy efficient and sustainable designs such as solar power, low voltage fixtures, and energy efficient bulbs such as xenon.


Just as the efficiencies of different fixtures vary from model to model, the functionality varies just as much. There are a wide range of types of lights available ranging from very basic to models with timers, motion sensors, manual light switches, or even with remote systems. Lastly, by now lights can be placed virtually anywhere in the yard depending on the situation. Lights can be mounted on walls to illuminate addresses or to illuminate landscaping. They can also be put in-ground to light up gardens with flowers or shrubs. With modern technology, electric lights can even be placed in water such as pools, hot tubs, fountains, or garden ponds.


While the aesthetic values of landscape lighting are numerous, there is almost no better security asset either. Security lights have become increasingly popular especially in suburban areas. Usually these are motion sensor lights that are activated when a significant amount of motion is detected, scaring off any potential criminals from the heavily lighted property.Landscape lighting can be used in a vast amount of ways and can be seen in a vast amount of forms. While the future promises even more advances such as WiTricity (wireless electricity), the purposes will still be the same, be it to showcase a lawn during the evening, for security, or a combination of both.